Warrie Circuit Bushwalk, Springbrook National Park, QLD

Warrie Circuit is my new all time favourite bushwalk. All the bushwalks in Springbrook National Park are amazing, however Warrie circuit is a level above. Perhaps it is due to the 9 waterfalls the track takes you past, or the hours you spend in rainforest walking next to flowing creeks, or maybe it’s the extended time hearing nothing but nature. Whatever the reason, Warrie circuit is divine.

Quick Info

Location: Springbrook Road, Springbrook, Qld 4213 Start from Tallanbana Picnic area or Canyon Lookout

Walking Distance: 14km

Elevation: 450m

Time: 5-6 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

Costs/Permit: No cost, no permit required

Opening Times: Only closed occasionally for maintenance

Facilities: Lookout platform, toilets, picnic tables, picnic shelter, BBQ, information board

What to take: Insect repellent, camera, picnic, water, sunscreen


Warrie circuit is 14km. Starting from Tallanbana Trailhead all the way around the circuit and finishing back at Tallanbana Trailhead is 14km. This includes the portion of the track that is also Twin Falls Circuit. The circuit can also start and finish at Canyon Lookout (also 14km). Signs at Meeting of the Waters – approximately half way – show 6.7km to Tallanbana car park going anticlockwise and 7.3km to Tallanbana car park going clockwise.

While not a very technically difficult bushwalk, Warrie circuit takes endurance. Expect to get your shoes wet – at one point I was crossing a creek and the water was half way up my calf. This was during a fairly wet summer, in times of dry you may make it all the way around without getting your feet wet.

Rainbow Falls

Starting from Tallanbana car park and travelling anticlockwise, the first waterfall was encountered within half an hour. Rainbow falls is very pretty. It is surrounded by huge jagged rocks and the path takes you behind the falls.

Goomoolahra Falls

Goomoolahra Falls, at 2.2km from the car park, is one of the tallest falls along Warrie circuit. A lookout platform can just be spotted to the left at the top of the falls. This platform can be accessed from Goomoolahra Falls Picnic area, and the Warrie circuit concrete path across the cascades can be spotted from the lookout.

Ngarri-dhum Falls

Ngarri-dhum Falls splits in two and lands on very jagged boulders at the base. Crossing the creek here was rather tricky. Signage showed to follow orange arrows, however not enough orange arrows were visible. This was one of the more technically difficult parts, but was still entirely achievable.

Near Ngarri-dhum Falls

There are so many spectacularly beautiful spots along Warrie circuit. It is like walking through a living art gallery.

Just before Meeting of the Waters

Half way along Warrie circuit is Meeting of the Waters, a logical and perfect place to stop and refuel. There are many large, smooth boulders ready to use as a picnic table, and plenty of space to spread out and explore. Meeting of the Waters is where Mundora Creek and Little Nerang Creek (East Branch) meet.

Meeting of the Waters

While there are 9 main waterfalls along Warrie circuit, there are also numerous mini falls. Warrie circuit is a waterfall enthusiast’s dream bushwalk.

Gooroolba Falls

Gooroolba Falls is one of the smaller waterfalls along the circuit. It does however have a naturally formed swimming hole at the base of it. This waterfall has a thinner passage for the water so it flows more vigorously than most of the other waterfalls.

Fungi growing near Gooroolba Falls

I’m always amazed at the tenacity of plants to live. Springbrook National Park is brimming with life in every little nook and cranny.

Most amazing tree along Warrie Circuit

Look out for this three trunked tree between Gooroolba Falls and Poonyahra Falls. (Sadly, 2 months after this photo was taken, after heavy rainfall this tree conglomeration toppled over. Testament to the ever changing nature of the rainforest.)

Poonyahra Falls

Poonyahra Falls is another of the taller falls in Warrie circuit. This waterfall is accessed by a 90m deviation to the main circuit. Poondahra Falls is likewise a deviation to the main circuit. Poondahra Falls was the only waterfall that couldn’t be viewed on the day I visited, due to a recently toppled tree blocking the path.

Poondahra Falls

Happily, on my second visit to Warrie circuit, Poondahra Falls was accessible via a 30m deviation to the main circuit. A noticeable temperature drop was felt in this darker part of the forest – very Tolkienesque! Some rock scrambling over very jagged boulders is required to get close to the base of the falls. 100m downstream are some particularly beautiful cascades.

Bridge nearing Twin Falls

When Warrie circuit joins Twin Falls circuit the path quality improves. Twin Falls circuit, at 4km, is a very popular bushwalk in Springbrook. Here you get to choose between the high road and the low road. The high road will take you behind Blackfellows Falls, past Canyon Lookout and will leave the rainforest for a while, whereas the low road will take you past Twin Falls and remain in the rainforest.

Behind Twin Falls

Twin Falls has a circuit within a circuit that loops behind the waterfall and takes you through a narrow passage between massive rock structures.

Warrie circuit has so much going for it. Make sure you check with Qld Parks on track availability before you plan your day.

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