Goomoolahra Falls Picnic Area and Bushwalk, Springbrook, QLD

A lovely addition to your day at Springbrook, Goomoolahra Falls bushwalk and picnic area is an ideal place to refuel between longer bushwalks. Visit here in combination with Twin Falls circuit or Purling Brook Falls to complete your day at Springbrook National Park.

Quick Info

Location: 2922 (end of) Springbrook Road, Springbrook, Qld 4213

Walking Distance: 200m

Elevation: Negligible

Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Costs/Permit: No cost, no permit required

Opening Times: Only closed occasionally for maintenance

Facilities: Lookout platform, toilets, picnic tables, picnic shelter, BBQ, pram and wheelchair friendly, information board

What to take: Insect repellent, camera, picnic


Goomoolahra is an Aboriginal word meaning big waterfall. Located at the very end of Springbrook Rd, it is easy to find.

Set beside Mundora Creek, Goomoolahra Picnic Area is one of Queensland’s wettest picnic spots. Receiving over 3m of rain per year, even in times of drought the creek doesn’t run dry. Picnic tables have been built right next to the creek, providing a beautiful setting for you to enjoy your picnic.

Picnics can still be enjoyed during times of rain under the sheltered areas. BBQing is also available.

There is a wheelchair and pram friendly path to the lookout platform. Built parallel to the creek, this is a gorgeous space.

Beautiful views of the top of the falls and the surrounding valley can be found at the lookout platform. At the base of the falls a bushwalking track can be seen. This is part of Warrie circuit, a 14km track which branches off from Twin Falls circuit.

To the right of the falls the track extends a little further before coming to a dead end. While this is very small as far as bushwalks go, Goomoolahra Falls is very big in beauty and accessibility.

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