Scribbly Gums Conservation Area Bushwalk

Surrounded by suburbia, Scribbly Gums Conservation Area is well placed to serve the bayside suburbs of Brisbane. Home to Scribbly Gums parkrun, it is a space well used by locals and visitors alike. It is a perfect spot to unwind for an hour or two in nature and recharge.

Quick Info

Location: Corner Flinders St and McDonald Rd, Alexandra Hills QLD 4161

Walking Distance: up to 10km of tracks

Elevation: Approximately 50m

Time: 1 – 2 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Cost/Permit: Nil

Opening Times: Tracks closed occasionally for maintenance

Facilities: Picnic tables (no toilets), street parking, suitable for mountain bikes

What to Take: Hat, sunscreen, water, picnic, camera


True to its name, Scribbly Gums Conservation Area has plenty of scribbly gums!

Most of the tracks are wide enough for a vehicle. Several vegetation types are passed throughout the bushwalk.

Some of the track is very rocky and unstable underfoot.

When walking in the early morning, while the dew is still on the ground, be sure to keep an eye out for intricate spider’s webs.

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