Spring Mountain Reserve, QLD

Spring Mountain Reserve, which is home to Greenbank parkrun, is the epitome of an inclusive bushwalk. Suitable for prams, wheelchairs, wheelie walkers, and anything else you can think of with wheels, as well as being stunningly beautiful, there is no reason why anyone should miss out on this experience.

Quick Info

Location: Tully Connection Rd, Greenbank QLD 4124

Walking Distance: Up to 2.5km

Elevation: Negligible

Time: 1 hour

Difficulty: Easy

Cost/Permit: Nil

Opening Times: Parts of reserve only closed occasionally for maintenance

Facilities: Picnic tables, accessible toilets, BBQ, playground, basketball, ninja circuit, sports field, lagoon viewing platform, extra wide concrete path

What to Take: Hat, sunscreen, water, picnic, camera


Sunrise would have to be one of the most beautiful times to visit Spring Mountain Reserve. Watching the sun rise over the lagoon, mist rising off the water, was magical.

The viewing platform is accessible to all.

Logan City Council have done well to provide an extra wide path for the entire 2.5km track. Creating loops at the turnaround points makes for a seamless change in direction.

Part of the track backs on to acreage blocks on one side, and a lagoon on the other.

While Spring Mountain Reserve might be a bit scant on bush, it more than makes up for it in wildlife. Kangaroos share the space and the lagoon attracts many types of birds.

Overall, Spring Mountain Reserve is a wonderful place for the very young and very elderly (and everyone in between) to enjoy a low impact nature experience. From the carpark to the lagoon is just a couple of hundred meters, so even if you’re not up to the full 2.5km walk, a shorter distance will still be a beautiful experience.

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