Araucaria Falls Track, Main Range National Park, Goomburra Section, QLD

The Araucaria Falls track has much to offer: a creek crossing, waterfall, rock hopping, vine pony, and a rock pool to swim in. There are so many gems waiting to be experienced in this rainforest bushwalk.

Location: Approximately 3km from the start of Lookout Road, Goomburra QLD 4362 (2.5 hours SW Brisbane)

Walking Distance: 3.6km

Elevation: 190m

Time: 1.5 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

Costs/Permit: No cost, no permit required for bushwalking. Fees apply to camping.

Opening Times: only closed occasionally for maintenance or natural disaster.

Facilities: 2 National Park managed camping grounds, toilets (at Poplar Flat and Manna Gum camping areas), picnic area, information board (near Poplar Flat camping area), 8 different walking tracks.

What to take: Water, camera, insect repellant.


The drive to the start of the track requires a creek crossing at the begining of Lookout Rd. When the creek is low enough a 2WD is sufficent, however a 4WD would be required in wetter weather. The Qld government map below shows the Araucaria Falls track as being relatively straight. This is mostly true for approximately 1.6km, untill you reach North Branch Creek – the top of Araucaria Falls. However, the track then crosses the creek and zig zags on the left till the base of the falls is reached.

The walk to the falls is mostly a shady, gentle descent. Except for one section where the descent is not so gentle – you’ll really notice it on the way back up. No special bushwalking skills are required to complete this track, however shoes with good grip are recommended.

About 50m from the carpark, the track leads over a small creek. After heavy rain this could be an issue.

The path starts out rough, with jagged rocks and protruding tree roots. However, the path then widens and smooths out. The damp, leaf strewn path makes for a quiet journey, allowing you to take in the natural rainforest noises.

At the base, there are great views of the 40m falls, as well as a naturally formed rock pool that just might tempt you to have a swim. 100m downstream from the falls is a smaller waterfall with more rock pools. The base of Araucaria Falls is a perfect spot for a picnic, before begining the treck back to the carpark.

Having crossed the top of the falls, look out for the naturally formed vine sculpture that looks like a pony – with a little bit of imagination!

There are plenty of treasures to spot along the track. Life is trying to survive in every little nook and cranny.

Araucaria Falls is a fabulous spot to introduce children to rock hopping and rock pool swimming. Allow an extra hour or two and create an opportunity to really connect with nature and have an immersive experience. Time permitting, combine this bushwalk with others located along Lookout Rd.

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