Twin Falls Circuit and Blackfellow Falls, Springbrook National Park, Queensland

Twin Falls Circuit in the beautiful Springbrook National Park is one of Queensland’s treasures. Set amongst lush rainforest, the sheer cliffs and waterfalls make this circuit something special. Springbrook National Park is the perfect place to visit when the Queensland heat begins to mess with your mind. Significantly cooler than Brisbane (1.5 hours away) or the Gold Coast (1 hour away), Springbrook is a most welcome reprieve. My husband and I honeymooned in Springbrook one February and it was cool enough that we were able to enjoy a log fire. So if you want to beat the heat and enjoy a beautiful day out, head to Springbrook.

Quick Info

Location: Springbrook Road, Springbrook, Qld 4213

Walking Distance: 4km return

Elevation: Approximately 80m

Time: 2 hours

Difficulty: Moderate – due to the stairs. No pram or wheelchair access.

Costs/Permit: No cost, no permit required

Opening Times: Only closed occasionally for maintenance

Facilities: At Tallanbana Picnic Area – toilets, picnic tables, information maps, parking, nearby cafe

What to take: Water, Camera, insect repellent, salt for leeches, water resistant warm clothing


Twin Falls Circuit is best accessed from Tallanbana Picnic Area.  This area has dedicated parking for a dozen cars, and plenty more parking is  available along Springbrook Rd. Tallanbana Picnic Area is equipped with picnic tables (covered and in the open) nestled amongst the forest, flushing toilets, and an information centre. Twin Falls Circuit can be accessed from Canyon Lookout, however there is no dedicated parking, toilets or picnic facilities there. Warrie Circuit can also be accessed from Tallanbana Picnic Area. If waterfalls are your thing then this bushwalk is for you with the track passing 7 more waterfalls during the 16km circuit. Allow 6 hours to complete this beautiful bushwalk.

Twin Falls is a 4km circuit that will take you about 2 hours. Completing the circuit in an anticlockwise direction allows you to traverse the steepest part of the track going downhill. There is a moderate number of stairs – over 100, and plenty of gently undulating path. The track isn’t as well signed as it could be – a couple of times I found myself questioning which way to go. Having a copy of the walking tracks map on me was very reassuring.

The circuit takes you past bubbling creeks, sheer cliffs, narrow rock clefts, and various types of forest. Most of the path is suitable for two abreast, but parts are single file and in places tree branches may need to be held onto. Sections of the path have sheer cliffs nearby, so do proceed with caution especially if you have adventerous children with you.

At the base of Twin Falls is a naturally formed pool. Swimming is allowed here but it is very cold. While walking the circuit one July, we encountered crazy English tourists having a dip! They did say it was cold – but worth it for the experience. The track takes you behind Twin Falls, but there is very little chance of you getting wet here unless you were to go soon after a big rain.

The changing landscape along the circuit is dazzling. Precariously balanced rocks, vines good for swinging, rocky outcrops to explore, creeks good for rock hopping, ferny valleys and massive cliffs.

Prepare to get wet at Blackfellow Falls, about halfway along the track. The track leads you close behind the waterfall. Unlike Twin Falls, here you can reach out and touch the flowing water. This was my favourite waterfall on the walk.

Numerous spots along the track are simply stunning and are worth pausing at just to soak in their beauty. Several places provide splendid views all the way to the Gold Coast. Springbrook National Park is a truly lovely place to immerse yourself. Come for a day, or if you are able spend a few days and completly unwind.

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