Springwood Conservation Park Bushwalk

Hidden away in the middle of suburbia, just to the south of Brisbane, is Springwood Conservation Park. Previously an old quarry, this area was transformed into a nature reserve thanks to the local council and passionate community members. It’s vision was to create “a place from which you leave restored, more aware, more responsible and better able to cope with life.” Vision success!

Quick Info

Location: Off Springwood Road, Springwood 20 mins South of Brisbane (https://goo.gl/maps/UN2TmNmF6vG2)

Walking Distance: Approximately1km Circuit

Elevation: 50m (approx)

Time: 30 Minutes

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Costs/Permit: No cost, no permit required

Facilities: Lookout, Picnic Tables, Playground at the top, Toilets (Jardine Drive entry)

What to take: A love of stairs!


This is one of my favourite places to go when I only have an hour to spare and the kids need to let off some steam. Just a few minutes drive from my home, Springwood Conservation Park has been a great spur of the moment destination, meet up with friends spot, and restore Mum’s sanity place. The walking tracks can be joined from 5 different entry points, allowing the many locals who use the park easy access. The main entry is off Jardine Drive where there is a parking area, undercover picnic tables, and public toilets.

The main walking track in Springwood Conservation Park is the Gorge Discovery Circuit. It’s about 1km around – contrary to the park’s signage which suggests 5km from the key. It includes 132 stairs going from the car park at Jardine Drive to the Plateau Drive entry. These stairs are known locally as “The Stairs of Death.” Even taken slowly, they are guaranteed to get your heart rate elevated. Many of the stairs are steeper than typical so it feels more like hiking. They are great for an interval training workout and many people go up and down them multiple times. The stairs are right beside the “Bunyip Cave,” a fabulous spot for families to explore.

There is also a lovely boardwalk circuit which is suitable for prams and wheelchairs. This track passes through some of the more beautiful spots in the park. Ferns cover the forest floor in some areas, and if it has rained recently a small creek may be trickling.

I’ve often taken a picnic and stopped for a play at the playground with the kids plus kids friends near the Plateau Drive entry. Another good spot for a picnic is at the lookout – only a 165m detour from the main circuit.

All in all Springwood Conservation Park is an oasis of calm to be found in the midst of suburban busyness. Hope you get to experience it soon!

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