After setting a goal in 2020 to complete all the bushwalks on Tamborine Mountain, I finally experienced the serenity of the Palm Grove Section. Despite living in Brisbane for 25 years and visiting Tamborine Mountain dozens of times, I had never been to the Palm Grove Section. Without the fancy drawcard of a waterfall that most of the other Tamborine Mountain bushwalks boast, Palm Grove Circuit had spent decades below my radar. Thankfully, it is now firmly in my field of vision. This is a place I would happily come back to again.

Location: 17-19 Palm Grove Ave, Tamborine Mountain QLD 4272. Can also be accessed via Curtis Rd

Walking Distance: 2km Palm Grove Circuit, 4km Jenyns Circuit

Elevation: A few stairs

Time: 1or 2 hours

Difficulty: Easy, a few tree roots to navigate and a few stairs

Costs/Permit: No cost, no permit required

Opening Times: only closed occasionally for maintenance

Facilities: No toilets at Palm Grove Ave, 1 picnic table, parking for approximately 5 cars

What to take: Water, camera, insect repellant,


Palm Grove Section is made up of Palm Grove Circuit and Jenyns Circuit. Both are worth exploring if you have the time. Palm Grove Circuit can be completed on its own, Jenyns Circuit can only be accessed from Palm Grove Circuit (assuming you started the walk from Palm Grove Ave). For the locals, there are a couple of different access points to join the bushwalks.

Palm Grove Section has an impressive collection of mind boggling trees. They are huge! There are a couple of vine swings along the track that just have to be tested out.

Of all of Tamborine Mountain’s bushwalks, Palm Grove Section is the most diverse. The track passes through various types of forest and bush, another part is covered in boulders. Every few hundred meters the vegetation is distinctly different. Half a dozen plank bridges have been constructed to cater for times of heavy rain.

By 3pm in late autumn, the forest was already begining to get dark and cool. Being on the Eastern side of Tamborine Mountain, the Palm Grove Section is noticeably cooler than some of the other bushwalks. This would be a great spot to escape summer’s heat.

Part way along Jenyns Circuit, the track leaves the rainforest and becomes exposed. Fortunately, this doesn’t last for long, and you soon reenter the forest. Along the track there are spots ideal to stop at for an inpromptu picnic (6km could be too far for some little legs – and some bigger legs – to go without refueling).

Palm Grove Section was a beautiful surprise; although I really should have known it was going to be great, as it would be impossible for a bushwalk on Tamborine Mountain to be anything but beautiful. It definitely won’t be another 25 years till I come again.

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