Daisy Hill State Forest, Old Quarry Bushwalk, QLD

The Old Quarry is an unexpected treasure in Neville Lawrie Reserve, which adjoins Daisy Hill State Forest. I’d lived in the area for 20 years before I heard about the Old Quarry, and have since visited regularly to make up for lost time. The quarry is a welcome oasis in the midst of the usually dry forest.

Quick Info

Location: Neville Lawrie Reserve, adjoining Daisy Hill Forest. Parking at Daisy Hill Conservation Park

Walking Distance: 5km to 20km return, depending on which trails you take

Elevation: some trails contain a few hills, other trails contain lots of hills

Time: 2 hours – plus time for a picnic

Difficulty: Moderate – due to the distance and hills

Costs/Permit: No cost, no permit required

Opening Times: Only closed during extreme weather conditions

Facilities: Nearest toilets at Daisy Hill Conservation Park, horse riding, mountain bike riding

What to take: Water, Camera, insect repellent, picnic



The Old Quarry can be accessed several ways, the easiest being from Daisy Hill Conservation Park. Located 2.8km from the upper day use area, the path is wide but rocky. Another access point is from the eastern end of Underwood Road and involves several turns. This route is longer, and to the inexperienced navigator, easier to get geographically embarrassed in.



Daisy Hill Conservation Park and Neville Lawrie Reserve have multiple tracks covering around 100km’s. Some tracks are specifically designed for mountain bike riders, and others for horse riding. Rogaine participants also use the tracks. The area is very well used, especially on the weekends, so keep an eye out for other adventurers.



The Old Quarry is a welcome reprieve from the usual dryness if the surrounding forest. The shallow areas are a great spot for cooling your feet and catching tadpoles. The deeper areas can be used for swimming – people and dogs are welcome. Common sense is required.



While there are no picnic tables, there are plenty of spaces to set up a picnic. Take the time to stop and immerse yourself in the stunning surroundings. It is a minimum of 5km to experience the Old Quarry, but there is plenty of potential to extend the adventure.  It would be impossible to discover all the treasures this area has to offer in just one day. Visit once and you will want to keep coming back.


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  1. Hello, Can you tell me any of the history of the Old Quarry please. I have ridden my horse here many times. An easy access to here but not mentioned from what I can see – is from the Don & Christime Burnett Consv. Park off Avalon Rd. I am also interested if the location of Wrights Waterhole and the snigging tracks from when Daisy Hill was a State Forest.. I have only just learnt (last night in fact) of the Dennis Family Cemetary to the left of the entrance via Daisy Hill Rd. I belong to horse trail riding club and will be leading a ride through Daisy Hill Consv. Park in 2 weeks time. Hoping you can assist me as I would like to show my fellow riders the features I have mentioned. Thank you, Gail


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