Mt Ngungun Summit Climb Bushwalk, Glasshouse Mountains, QLD

Mt Ngungun, (pronounced noo-noo), is one of the mountains that make up the Glasshouse Mountains. At 253m elevation and 2.8km return, it is ideal for young families or anyone with only an hour or two spare. The summit provides spectacular views of the surrounding area, from the Sunshine Coast hinterland to the ocean.

Quick Info

Location: Fullertons Rd, Glasshous Mountains, QLD 4518

Walking Distance: 2.8km Return

Elevation: 253m

Time: 1-2 hours

Difficulty: Moderate –  rocky path most of the way, rock scramble at the summit

Costs/Permit: No cost, no permit required

Opening Times: Only closes for bad weather and maintenance

Facilities: Seating at base, seating half way up near the cave, NO TOILETS

What to take: Insect repellent, sturdy footwear, snacks, hat, water



The information board at the base will have you fearing doom and gloom and make you wonder if you should really be doing the bushwalk – especially if you have children with you. Images of people falling off cliffs and fear of wet weather will have you second guessing your planned adventure. But as long as you have common sense and use it, you will have a wonderful experience.

Word of warning – there are no toilets at the base. Public toilets are available at the information centre in the township of Glasshouse Mountains about 3km away. Also, take insect repellent. There are starving mosquitos all the way to the summit. That said, prepare to be dazzled!



On the day a friend and I, with 5 kids between us, climbed Mt Ngungun there were plenty of other families enjoying the mountain. One stand out group was 2 mums with 3 boys, whose ages looked to be 7, 8 and 9 running the track with the goal of climbing it 3 times. They were on their 3rd ascent and still powering on when I last saw them.

About half way up there is a large cave just begging to be explored. Nearby seating makes it an obvious spot to pause if you need to catch your breath.

The path is very rocky most of the way, so sturdy shoes are a must. Even with sturdy shoes our group ended up with 2 sprained ankles. Fortunately the injuries happened only 10 minutes from getting back to the car and weren’t too severe. Take special care on the descent.



The summit is so beautiful. The Sunshine Coast is a picturesque place, so to see the whole area from the top of a mountain is really something special. Seeing Mt Beerwah and Mt Coonowrin lined up in the distance was very cool. The summit holds potential dangers, so here is where your common sense is needed. It can be quite windy at the top and there are no guard rails or fencing. Keep close to kids.

After our climb we headed into the township of Glasshouse Mountains. CJ’s Pastries was a welcome find – some of the best meat pies and croissants we had ever eaten. The Information and Interpretative Centre is a great resource, ideal place to start planning our next Glasshouse Mountain to climb.




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