Mt Coolum Sunrise Summit Bushwalk, Sunshine Coast, QLD

Mt Coolum is a surprising amount of sweat for such a modest mountain. The diverse vegetation and jagged cliffs makes for an interesting bushwalk. Climbing Mt Coolum is lovely way to begin a day out at the beach.

Location: Corner Tanah St West and Jarnahill Drive, Mount Coolum, 4573 QLD

Walking Distance: 1.8km Return

Elevation: 180m

Time: 1.5 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

Costs/Permit: No cost, no permit required

Opening Times: only closed occasionally for maintenance or natural disaster.

Facilities: Parking, NO toilets

What to take: Water, camera, insect repellant.


The track to the summit is very well marked. Even though I hadn’t completed this summit in daylight before, I had no problem following the path in the dark.

The section with orange coloured trees near the base had a ridiculous number of mosquitoes. Either move fast through this area or lather yourself in insect repellant.

Sticking to the assigned trail will help keep you safe. Leave the path at your peril!

The first half of the track passes through fairly lush, dense vegetation. The second half of the track is dry, sparse, harsh and unforgiving. During summer, in the middle of the day, this would be scorching.

Don’t be decieved by the track being less than 1km to the summit, Mt Coolum is a thorough workout. The middle third of the track is the steepest and will have your heartrate well and truly elevated; however, the track isn’t technically difficult. Watch out for yellow rocks, they are the slipperiest. The blue, pink and grey rocks have more grip.

With views over the Pacific Ocean, sunrise at the summit was beautiful. Space at the sumit has been carved out to embrace the easterly views. There is plenty of room here, easily able to cater to the early morning exercise crowd.

Views to the south, including the Glass House Mountains, can be seen by following the track around on top of Mt Coolum.

Located so close to the ocean, Mt Coolum is a great way to combine the bush and the beach in one day.

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