Mt Beerburrum Summit Climb Bushwalk, Glass House Mountains, QLD

Don’t be deceived by the lure of only 700m to the summit – those 700m will be among the steepest you will ever encounter on a paved walk.  Ridiculously steep! But worth it for the views of the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland that await you at the summit.

Quick Info:

Location: Beerburrum Rd, Beerburrum, QLD 4517

Walking Distance: 1.4km Return

Elevation: 263m

Time: 1-2 hours

Difficulty: Challenging –  paved path for most of the track, very steep, ridiculously steep!

Costs/Permit: No cost, no permit required

Opening Times: Only closes for bad weather and maintenance

Facilities: Parking for a dozen cars at the base, seating at base,  seating along the track at regular intervals, lookout station at the summit, NO TOILETS – nearest toilets 2km away at Parrot Park

What to take: Insect repellent, sturdy well gripping footwear, snacks, hat, water


Yes, it is steep. Climbing up was arduous. For some, climbing back down was even harder. My 7 year old walked most of the way down backwards as he didn’t feel safe going forwards! On the plus side the path is wide and well maintained; and there is seating along the path every few hundred meters. While technically you could push a pram, you would want to have it connected to you so if you accidentally let go you wouldn’t loose a child.

Near the beginning of the walk, the path takes you through a section of rainforest before changing into drier bush.

About half way up the mostly shaded path starts to zig zag.

The summit is mostly cleared of trees making the view uninterrupted and an ideal position for the fire tower. The first level of the fire tower is available as a lookout, the second level is bared and only available to staff. The stairs accessing the lookout area are steep and narrow. Going up was fine but going down was a 20 minute negotiation with our 7 year old – even the lure of Tim Tams at the bottom didn’t speed things up!

Beautiful views at the summit of the surrounding Glass House Mountains. In winter this was a comfortable, though heart elevating, walk. I imagine in summer it could be scorching.

2 thoughts on “Mt Beerburrum Summit Climb Bushwalk, Glass House Mountains, QLD”

  1. Really enjoyed the walk even though it was super steep. I’m impressed. Y how the path was constructed. Does anyone have any clues on how the concrete was carted to the top for the path?

  2. Let’s hope they had helicopter assistance. I hate to imagine poor souls wheel-burrowing it to the summit!


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