MacDonald Section, Tamborine Mt, Qld

The most beautiful aspect of this section of Tamborine Mountain is that the land was generously donated to the Crown, by Miss Jessie MacDonald, so that it could be enjoyed by many for all time. With generosity underpinning its existance, it’s no wonder this is a beautiful rainforest bushwalk.

Quick Info

Location: 44 Wongawallan Rd, Tamborine Mt, QLD, 4272

Walking Distance: 1.4km

Elevation: A few stairs

Time: 1 hour

Difficulty: Easy

Costs/Permit: No cost, no permit required

Opening Times: Only closed occasionally for maintenance.

Facilities: Three picnic tables, information sign, toilets 1km away, parking for 10 vehicles

What to take: Water, camera, insect repellant


The MacDonald Section is one of the less popular walks on Tamborine Mountain, probably due to not having a water feature. That said, it is still definately worth experiencing. The picnic tables, 50m down the track, make it an ideal place to refuel if you are fitting in multiple bushwalks in the one day.

The picnic tables can’t be seen from the road.

200m from the begining of the track the path forks to become a circuit of 1.2km. The circuit can be traversed in either direction. The path has many tree roots causing potential tripping hazards, and the leaf litter does a good job in hiding them. Sturdy footwear is recommended.

Leaf strewn paths hide tree root hazards.

While the MacDonald Section is made up mostly of palms, there are plenty of larger trees as well. Some of thoses larger trees have been felled and lie next to the path. There must be an interesting story behind their hollowed out centres.

Some of the many tree trunks.

In very wet weather natural creeks form and the path is equipped with a couple of bridges to deal with the changing conditions. Wet weather would only add to the area’s appeal.

The ‘bridge’ for times of extreemly wet conditions.

The MacDonald Section contains the same magic that the rest of Tamborine Mountain holds. While it is only a small walk, it is definately not one to be missed. Combined with another of the Tamborine Mt bushwalks, the MacDonald Section will only add to your beautiful bushwalk experience.

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