Buderim Forest Park Bushwalk, Serenity Falls, Sunshine Coast, Qld

Buderim Forest Park is a treasured gem amongst the many jewels the Sunshine Coast has to offer. Home to the aptly named Serenity Falls and Serenity Bridge, it is an oasis just 1km from the gorgeous township of Buderim. Lush, tranquil, and enveloping, Buderim Forest Park is the perfect place to immerse yourself in nature and have your soul restored.

Quick Info

Location: 49 Quorn Close, Buderim QLD, 4556. Second access via Harrys Lane off Lindsay Rd.

Walking Distance: 2km

Elevation: Numerous stairs at the Quorn Close entrance. Wheelchair/pram friendly at Harrys Lane entrance.

Time: 1 hour return

Difficulty: Easy

Costs/Permit: No cost, no permit required

Opening Times: Only closed occasionally for maintenance

Facilities: Toilets, BBQ, picnic tables available at both entrances

What to take: Water, camera, insect repellant, picnic, time to relax


The drive through the townshhip of Buderim will be enough to get you in the mood for a beautiful nature experience. The obviously well cared for and much loved town is an experience in itself. Parking is at Quorn Close or Harry’s Lane – where your nature experience awaits.

Near both parking areas there are picnic tables and toilets. The well located information sign makes it obvious where the walk begins, although signage on the path is a bit scant. There are stairs at the begining of the bushwalk leading to the falls; which are only 300m from the carpark at Quorn Close or 1km from Harry’s Lane.

Great views of Serenity Falls can be found from on Serenity Bridge, which was originally lifted into place by helicopter. Serenity Falls flows along overhanging boulders forming caves behind the falls that you can explore. A pool has formed at the base of the falls and although you will find pictures of people swimming here there is signage up warning against swimming. Stormwater is fed into Martins Creek during high rainfall so all sorts of contaminants and debris can end up in the water.

A little way downstream cascades await. The tranquility of these cascades make them in some ways more enjoyable than Serenity Falls. This is a great place to go rock hopping or stop and have a picnic. There are lots of large flat rocks in the area that would be ideal to stop at for an hour while you soak up the tranquility. Have a picnic or read a book; better yet do both. Do watch out for yabbies if you put your feet in the water, they just might think you’re providing them with a picnic!


The track follows the creek to the second entrance at Harry’s Lane. 600m of the track is a well maintained boardwalk – very pram and wheelchair friendly – making this beautiful place accessible to even more users.


Set amongst 45 hectares of rainforest, Buderim Forest Park is a place to stop and soak. Set aside some time for yourself and think of the experience as being a free day spa. Buderim Forest Park is one of my all time favourite places to have my soul restored.

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