Berrinba Wetlands Bushwalk Walking Track

Stunning loveliness! I came away truly impressed from my jaunt to Berrinba Wetlands. This free community nature playground is a credit to Logan City Council. The extremely well maintained and much wider than average footpaths make for an enjoyable social nature experience. Even if you just make it to the viewing platform, your trip to Berrinba Wetlands has been worthwhile. Located near the interpretive centre, the viewing platform takes in the best views of the wetlands. It’s also a great place to start or finish your bushwalk.

Quick Info

Location: Wayne Goss Drive, Browns Plains

Walking Distance: Up to 8km of walking tracks

Elevation: Negligible

Time: 10 Minutes to 2 hours

Difficulty: Easy, Pram and wheelchair friendly. Very wide, well maintained paths.

Costs/Permit: No cost, no permit required

Facilities: Picnic tables and BBQs, playgrounds,viewing platform, public toilets, dogs on leash, bicycles and scooters, interpretive centre

What to take: Insect repellent, hat, water, snacks




One of my trips to Berrinba Wetlands was to participate in parkrun. It became one of the prettiest parkruns I had ever done. The extra wide paths and beautiful scenery made it an ideal parkrun location.



For those after an immersive nature experience, there are plenty of spots to stop and sit along the paths. A bird watching hide has even been constructed near the edge of the lagoon. For the more active folk, permanent gym equipment is available along the path. A weird discovery was the masses of hairy caterpillars along the path a day after heavy rain. I never knew hairy caterpillars were so organised!



Berrinba Wetlands is an ideal spot for a family day out. The kilometers of walking tracks plus the playground, picnic tables and electric BBQs make it easy to play for hours.


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  1. Hi Helen,

    My name is Amy and I manage the social media content for Distillery Road Market (a new development in Eagleby). I was wondering if I could use the top /header photo on this page in one of our social media posts? It’s such a beautiful photo.

    As part of our social media plan, we are focusing on the local community/things to do – and this photo would be perfect. I will give you full credit in the post, of course.

    Look forward to hearing from you!

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    • Hi Amy, appologies for the ridiculously slow reply to your request. Yes you have permission to use the photo. Berrinba Wetlands is such a beautiful spot, happy to spread the joy.


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